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RAT BAG, real name Josh Westoby. I’m a self-taught artist who has had his work exhibited in the millennium gallery in Sheffield. I was born in Hull in 1994 and didn’t start making art until 2015, I have suggested art because my mental health wasn’t in the best place. I was creating as a hobby until 2018 when I went to rehab for alcoholism and that’s where I really for serious, for me art saved my life.

I live in Sheffield now where I attended rehab, I always feared that if I sobered up my art wouldn’t be any good. But once I got sober it all started to come together. Abstract art is my vice, I express all of my thoughts and feelings, good and bad through the medium of the abstract. I draw inspiration from internal feelings, nature, and music. I like to have my paintings busy, with depth and layers, they’re complex. People think I acrylic pour but I don’t, I layer my paintings whilst moving the paint to get the textures that I do. I feel the work I do is quite original and the style is sometimes messy and sometimes clean, it depends on my mood and the subject I’m working on. I think my painting's vibrant, emotional and honest appearance really connects with the viewer and invites them to feel and shows them it's okay to feel emotions.

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