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I was raised in New Orleans and currently reside in Houston, Texas. I have been in love with all things art since I was a child. I make time to draw or paint every day. For me, it is a way to escape. I get to take this crazy imagination that I have and put those ideas and thoughts into the world through my art. 

I use many different mediums and tools in my creations, with acrylics and pastes being my preferred medium. Acrylics allow you the freedom and flexibility to work quickly, while pastes will enable you to add depth and character.  

My art reflects my journey of spirituality.  Practicing daily meditation acts as a conduit for my self-expression.  Meditating is the vehicle in which the many ideas of things to paint flood my consciousness. The colors I see when I close my eyes and succumb to the practice are so vibrant and alive. When I finish, I must put what I experience on canvas. In everything I create, I want to reflect on my deep devotion to Eastern philosophy and meditation.   

My artistic influences are Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. Their work reflects the vibrancy in the art that I love. When people see my art, I want them to feel inspired. I want them to feel alive. I want people to feel positive energy - everything that’s good in the world.  I love art because I love beauty. This world has so many beautiful things to behold. I think everyone deserves the chance to have a beauty in their life. Art brings that to your home and your life.   

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