Becca Brinkman works with oils and acrylics on canvas and has developed her own style as she’s experimented with different methods, media, and tools.  Coming from 3 generations of strong female characters who all painted, Becca initially worked for many years in the corporate world of IT and sales, before deciding to quit the rat race in her early 40s when her children were small.  After re-training as a teacher, Becca’s creativity blossomed, from hand-made greetings cards to taking up the guitar, and realising her happy place is when she has a palette knife in hand, working with her oils. “I love how the texture just grows from the paintings and how the colours blend together. Rarely do I embark on a new canvas with a crystal clear vision of how it’ll turn out, but the texture is key in all my pieces.” Becca paints to relax, using her garden office/studio to dry and house her work and has sold several pieces to regular clients and through friends.  

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