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11 years ago I left my native England to live in Barcelona Spain. Now I have the privilege of the catalonian countryside to inspire me daily, between sunshine, lemon trees and vinyards it forms a great backdrop to create art.

Art has always been an important part of my life. I am a self taught artist, I studied fashion design in Surrey, U.K,  fashion and art  combine perfectly and gives me ideas bubbling for future projects.

The last few years have been busy for me raising my Young family, now my youngest is four and started school, I have reconnected with myself and my art.

I work mainly with acrylics, ink and resin, I Love bright, vibrant, rich colours, as much as I appreciate simplicity and neutral tones what comes from me is something else, a vibrancy.

I work from a Studio space I created in my home that gives me the space to experiment and explore.

I believe art is a means to connect with your subconcious, often I have painted images from dreams or a random thoughts to later discover a hidden meaning or depth upon reflection.

What I can tell you whole heartedly is every piece of work comes directly from my heart and I can only hope that Love and energy is recieved and transmitted, I hope you will find a piece that resonates with you.

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