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Art came into my life in 2017/2018 and it came literally „out of nowhere“. I didn´t have a special interest in art before and truly no knowledge at all about artistic and photographic styles. So I started with some photographic works and turned back to some experiences I made with photography 20 years ago.


But the results didn´t satisfy me as they didn´t represent the full emotional and intellectual spectrum, that I aimed to express. Therefore, I started to make experiments with creative manipulation and abstraction techniques. And till the end of 2019, that was my main discipline. My photographic art portfolio examines the human being on an emotional, mental, physical, and also spiritual level. The aspect of self-exploration and personal liberation stands in the foreground of my works.


I follow the principles of the famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who said:


“To confront a person with its shadow is to show him its light”


I see my art as a mirror and also an offer for the observer – as a possibility to grow beyond its so far perception of life and himself. This gets supported by my profound background in psychology, which finds also expression in my work as a personal development author.


Since 2020, I feel more and more attracted to abstract painting – a soothing opposite pole to my strongly conceptual based photographic works.

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