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My name is Rebecka Lingmerth from Stockholm, Sweden. I am an artist with my own brand Unique things by Lingmerth. I sell paintings, clothes, and interior products with my own design. Nature painted in abstract form, women faces and femininity is something that I enjoy making, a mix of exciting materials and textures that become innovative and unique art and design.

​In 2008/2009 I attended an art school, Nyckelviksskolan in Lidingö - Stockholm. I learned several techniques such as textiles, graphics, sculptures, and fine art. I have also studied art for three semesters at Uppsala university 2010/2011 at the art teacher program.


I have exhibited my art at several fairs and exhibitions around Sweden and have now also entered the world's largest Art Fair for modern art in Manhattan, New York, Art Expo New York in April 2021.

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