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I am Redone Zouzaf 24 years old, young Moroccan artist of a city which is called Essaouira, in my artistic works I share my vision on the humanity, the big senses in the life (the joy, the love, the scare, the pain ...) especially in Africa, it is for this reason I base in my works on the forms and the symbols and also African colors so that my work is more expressive.


2013: Bachelor of Applied Arts

2014: Exposition collective in (Bastion Bab Marrakech) Essaouira 

2015: individual exhibition in (Dar Souiri ) Essaouira

2016: Participation in the festival colors Agadir

2017: license in philosophy faculty  Benmsik  Casablanca

2018: Enseignant start plastique in African center Arkane Casablanca

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