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Rene Dennis opted to retire on the glorious island Sri Lanka from her native country South Africa. After a satisfying career in education, she could finally dedicate her time to the passion and love of her life, her art. Art is her passion and spirit. As a self-taught artist, she continuously challenges herself and pushes her own set boundaries. She has a flair for experimentation and refuses to box herself in by only following one particular style. Colour fascinates her and is translated into bold, fascinating, exuberant artworks. She loves to reflect nature's beauty and splendor inherent work.


Every art piece evokes cheerful energy and happiness which leaves the viewer thereof with a sense of joy and appreciation for the goodness of life. Rene makes one belief in the beauty and goodness of life and her spirituality is clearly evident in her work. She hopes you will enjoy her art as much as she relishes in making it.

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