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Renée Kim was born in “Colorful Daegu,” South Korea (b. 1988). Perhaps it is by fate she fell in love with fast, vibrant yet deep colors, and became a self-taught acrylic artist.

She started painting since last October when she friended an artist visiting Chicago for a quick commission trip. Right before her flight left, the artist kindly gifted all her canvases and acrylic paints, encouraging Renée to paint for herself. As she said good- bye to the artist in the Millennium Park with a fascinating new bundle of art materials, her life changed for good.

Renée is inspired by nature, raw beauty in unexpected moments, never minding the inherent flaws. She does not use any brushes or tools – she starts off with using the decalcomania technique, determined to create artworks that are like twins or siblings to one another, each with their own quirks and charms. By mashing, blending, and blotting the paintings while the acrylic paints are still fresh, she creates spontaneous yet guided colors, patterns, and textures. Most of her artwork remind people of galaxy, forest, field, ocean, coral reefs, and many more. When asked what her original
intentions are, she encourages her audience to see for themselves, believing “true” answer lies with the beholder. She aspires to ultimately share pure joys of future through all her artworks, no matter how hard and devastating one’s past and present 
can be.

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