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Ren Zhenyu

1976   Born in Tianjin

1999   Graduated from The Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, I stayed in school to teach. Now live and work in Tianjin and Beijing.

1999 Won the 7th Taiwan Mountain Art and Culture Foundation “Luo Zhongli Oil Painting Scholarship”


Solo Exhibition:

2017   “One Man, One World”  ODE TO ART                 Singapore

2016   “You Are My Imagination”   Art Futures Gallery       Hongkong

2016    “Proudly Present”          PMQ Pop-up             Hongkong

2013   “Regarding Beliefs” Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie.       Essen, Germany

2011   “Political Icons”     ODE TO  ART                     Singapore

2009   “Visible and Invisible”  Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie.    Essen, Germany

2009   “ICONIC”       OLYVIAORIENTAL GALLERY in London, England

2008   “Wind Flowing”     JOYCE GALLERY                     Hongkong

2008    "New Pop Face"    Gallery Beijing Space                 Beijing, China

2008   “Ren Zhenyu Exhibition” WILLEM KERSEBOOM GALLERY

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007   “Looks Just Beautiful”   ODE TO ART                   Singapore

2007   “Looks Just Beautiful”   JOYCE GALLERY                Hongkong

2007   “In The Name of Face”   Gallery Beijing Space         Beijing,China

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