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I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and like so many wanted to experience the American Dream.  I moved to Miami with $3,000 and no English.  My cousin let me stay with her for a month and I hit the ground running.


After a lifetime in the business world, I reignited my passion for art at the young age of 55, I picked up a charcoal pencil and a sketch pad and began to unleash the artist within. That was the beginning of my path to absolute creativity. I loved all forms of art, and have painted abstract using acrylic, oils, art tools,  and practiced all mediums of art.


I wasn’t enjoying my career as a systems analyst any longer. It was a time to reflect, I had vivid memories of when I was eight years old.  I loved to sketch Disney characters but at that time I was told by my father that art was not a real career.


At the age of 64, I was awarded the “Artist Merit & Achievement Award” by the Jerry Goldstein Foundation. 

In my art studio, I surround myself with the sweet sounds of music, sometimes a gentle breeze will flow through my room, and I will occasionally glance outside my window soaking in the picturesque tree-lined street.  


Today, I have been successful businesswomen for over 20 years in this country, became a United States citizen, found my true love, a mother of 2 beautiful kids,  grandmother of 2, all while enjoying life on a lake in Decatur, Illinois with my wife, 3 dogs and a newfound love of art.


I finally found home within myself. A grateful heart and self-taught artist.

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