My name is Rhia Beatingo and I consider myself a dreamer, entrepreneur, and self-taught artist based out of California. Originally from the Philippines, I moved to the West Coast in 2015 in order to introduce pieces of art that represent diverse cultural influences, expanding my depth and breadth of inspiration. Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated by how vast our world is. My vision is to continue traveling so that I may cultivate and enrich fragments of each country to further enthuse my art and grow as an illustrator. Constantly pushing my own artistic boundaries, I began painting and producing portraits, however, including my own aesthetic touch with the addition of a floral aspect to draw in the viewer’s attention. My artwork is deeply inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Through my work, I attempt to intertwine the attractiveness of humans with elements of nature. Working in oils on canvas, I use rich and bright tones to give my pieces a strong physical presence. I have a keen eye for manipulating proportion and scale. I love experimenting with styles, tints and shades of colors, and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and grow as an artist.

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