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    I was born in the beautiful city of Vienna. My early childhood I spent

    On the beach and near the mountains of Pak Chong/ Thailand. There

    I learned a lot about Thai culture and appreciating nature. When I was

    14 years old I went back to Vienna for my higher education and got

    a culture shocks. I felt into serious depression. This was the time I started

    My paintings.


    Expressing myself with colors on canvas helped me. It is like a secret

    code of communication between my inner world of emotions and the

    historical landscape which surrounds me. Mostly I work with acrylics

    using my hands, spoons and rulers to apply the paint on canvas or

    fabric. Right now, I prepare myself for a higher education program on

    university level. Besides that, I write poetry, design cloth and go skating

    on the weekends.


    I hope observing my paintings the visitor is able to decode some of my

    ideas and enjoys my messages hidden behind color and textures.  

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