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Dr. Heiens has always had an interest in art and became inspired to paint in Rome because of its beautiful antiquities.  His paints in acrylics on canvas.  His paintings are mostly abstract in nature with some figurative art as well. His abstracts highlight shapes and colors.  They are original and based on his feelings as he approaches the canvas to create something special that can be felt by the viewer.  

My goal as an artist is to paint different things daily in order to keep growing and improving my artwork.  Each art piece often consists of multiple styles and themes based on the research I have done and new areas of interest that lead to the next body of work.  Interests and thoughts give life to shapes, color, and arrangement.  He tries with every finished work through colors and shapes to inspire others to express their feelings though art.  It’s ok to paint outside the lines, just use your imagination and the colors you like to create what you feel. It’s ok to make something others do not see as long as you are happy with your own work. Everyone is capable of being an artist in their own right if they really want to.  It’s what makes you feel good that counts.


1963-1964 Informal classes in oils with Professor Sergio Graziani in Rome, Italy  I988:   Informal classes in acrylics with Professor Sergio Graziani in Miami, FL

2018:  Informal classes in styles with Professor Sergio Graziani in Rome, Italy


1963-1964: Private Commissions:  Various clients in Rome, Italy

1967 -1968: Taught seventh grade art classes in Alton, ILL

1968-1969: Private Commissions: Various Clients in Munich Germany

1970-1974: Private Commissions; Various Clients in St. Louis, MO

1974-2001: Private Commissions; Various Clients in Miami, FL

2001-2018: Private Commissions; Various Clients in Aiken and Columbia, SC

2018-Present: Private Commissions; Various Clients in Hilton Head, SC,       Los Angeles, CA, and Miami, FL

2019-2020: Six Months Exhibit at the River Bridge Performance Center, West Palm Beach, Fl.

2020: Private Commission:  Lutterworth, UK

2020: Private Commission: Seattle, Washington

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