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Hello, my name is Richard Lee and I was born in the great city of New Orleans. I currently reside here, and paint in a small studio on the city’s East side. I have participated in numerous group and solo shows, as well as the Essence festival, the Jazz festival and the French Quarter festival. I have also had works featured at Dillard University and Xavier University’s ‘Black Heritage Appreciation’.

Two of my biggest honours were working under Mayor Marc Morial’s administration as artist in resident, and having a painting of mine hanging in the Martin Luther King centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

My art creates itself, I am just the vehicle that my conscious mind uses. My paintings tap into abstraction, surrealism and realism; congealing into an attempt to explain the unexplainable. I guess this is what I a trying to communicate with the viewer. A great man once told me that it doesn’t matter if you paint a good painting or a bad; it’s all about the hunt.

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