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Ricky Julian Streeter is an abstract artist based in Greenwich London. Originally from an estate in Croydon Surrey he felt trapped and unable to express himself within his surroundings and did his best to fit in so not to be victimised and bullied more than he already was. At the age of 19 he broke after years of abuse and relocated to Greenwich to live with his father.


Realising that he was more free to be and express himself in ways he previously would not have dared he started experimenting with his fashion sense due to his new found confidence. A self-taught artist who began painting in his early 20’s experimenting at first with splash painting before finding his more specialised style within acrylic pouring as well as his own techniques.


Many of his paintings are inspired by space which Ricky is fascinated with partly because one of his favourite musicians is David Bowie the infamous Starman who regularly sang about space. Ricky also takes influence from the unanswered questions of life and the human mind as he battles with his own mental illness on a daily basis. 


To ensure he stays on top of his depression for himself and his loved ones Ricky takes care of his body with regular exercise, meditates every day, takes cold showers as recommended by the Wim Hoff method. His most effective form of therapy is his painting which enables him to focus on the present moment. Ricky also enjoys acting in small theatre productions and previously fronted a band. His biggest fan is his Son.

You can also find Ricky on Instagram: @rjstreeterart

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