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Rikke Bjørn (1973) is a Danish visual artist working in Copenhagen.

 A glance at Rikke Bjorn's art lets one understand that there is a visual artist who primarily paints because of her love of color - few have such a finely tuned color spectrum and not many can master color with such an excess of virtuosity as she.

As a concrete painter, her starting point is an abstraction, space, movement, surface, and color. Rikke Bjørn is a master of pattern recognition and she constructs her images based on precise geometric shapes and clearly separated color fields on canvases completely free of contour lines.

Her work is all about the complexity of one color’s relationship with another color and how colors intensify, cleanse and activate one another - and how the two-dimensional image surface becomes three-dimensional by the color's optical effect. The tension between the intensity of colors and the volume of shapes is absolutely crucial - the detailed study of these phenomena requires a very special focus by the artist and depth of desire to really investigate how objects affect each other.

In front of the canvas, everything is about energy, space, color, and shape. The optical phenomena interest Rikke Bjørn in an obsessive way, which means Rikke can work with a painting for weeks. She finds energy in creating a life with colors and presenting a scene that can invite the viewer's eyes to join in a visual dance! She loves how colors define space and how optical effects create effects on the canvas so that it ceases being flat. The paintings must relate to the body and speak to the senses of the viewer, just as they arise from the bodily and non-linguistic experience of the artist.

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