A Theater,NS, 16x20 inch,Acrylic $320.jp



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My name is Rimma Weiss, I am a retired engineer and live in Canada. 

A couple years ago, I took few painting classes and found that art makes me feel alive and what started as a hobby, turned into a passion which I cannot stop or control. 

In my daily walks, I see the beauty of nature and in my art, I try to capture colours and forms of nature, and it allows me to express different new ideas through painting. My first few paintings focused on nature but soon enough I found that I was drowned to abstract art that involves the use colour, memory and visual sensation to show that reality is actually subjective.

It is a relatively new beginning for me and I wish to thank the people in my life for the support and the encouragement. My work reflects the value of the moment, the richness of nature, the power of imagery, and the joy of discovering hidden beauty. My hope is to connect with each viewer and share the uncomplicated pleasure I receive from painting. 

You can also find Rimma's artwork here.

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