My name is Raya Lencovsky, I relocated to Scotland about three years ago with my husband, we live in the Scottish Borders, the most magical place on earth, I am a qualified pharmacy dispenser and I work full time, I love my job, because I get to help people and work hard alongside an amazing team. I was born in 1991 in a city of Rostov on Don in Russia, at age ten I have moved to Israel with my family, I have lived there for most of my life, I have served in the army and that is where I have met my soulmate, my husband. Since a very young age I have been with horses, I ride, train, and develop myself with their help every day. I am a very happy mare owner who is as unique as any animal can be. All my life I had art by my side, to help me express myself, my feelings, my periods in life, at some point as I grew older my art touched many people and I  started selling commission portraits of peoples beloved pets, that is what I do best- my little studio is located in my small back garden and that is where the magic happens. Lately, I have picked up human paintings, oh boy- they don’t come easy do they? I have studied in a Scottish school back in Israel, where my favorite subject was art, I excelled in it and I have successfully accomplished my A level exams with an A*.

I love painting animal portraits and when the moment of truth comes I get my clients over- for the reveal, I cannot describe how it makes me feel every time I see a client burst into emotional tears from what they see, I think no money can buy that? It is the biggest compliment an artist could get! Art isn’t the only thing I have as an aid for expressing myself, I have recently finished writing a fantasy book, which I hope to get out into the world very soon!

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