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Rachel Sheridan Morrisroe is a UK-based abstract artist.  She is self-taught, specializing in acrylic pouring techniques to create pieces with movement and space.  She uses metallic leafing accents in her artworks for impact and dynamism.  Interest in Rachel’s work has grown exponentially in eighteen months and she now has a regular pipeline of commissions from collectors.  She also sells her work internationally and is represented by Dogtooth Galleries in Chester and by LagunaART in the U.S.


As well as a painter, Rachel is a children’s author and in 2018, she signed a two-book deal with Puffin.  A third text has subsequently been acquired by the publisher. The first of her books will be published in Spring 2021.   She takes inspiration from the elements, as well as the concept of magic to influence both of her disciplines.  Many of her children’s books contain a strong element of magic, and when fluid painting she loves the unique alchemy of the way the paint mixes on each canvas, creating highly distinctive, unique artworks. 


Her latest series, ‘The Magic of Nature,’ explores the incredible power and majesty of the natural, using her fluid painting techniques to reflect her interpretation of the beauty around us.   Many of the pieces from this series are offered to the market by Hansford And Sons Emerging Artists’ Platform.

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