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Quote from Charles Jenks on Post Modernism‘
(Contemporary) “Artists want to know how to represent variety with integrity. One strategy is to choose the right style for the job. A case of serial revivalism. A further tactic is to provide heterogeneous materials in a language that is fresh and enigmatic”.


The Toy Works
I have always been attracted to unusual materials to use in artworks and often stuff that has been pre-used, (and in the case of toys pre-loved ). For me, the latter adds human historical and reminiscent elements and depths to the works, beyond simply that of myself as the artist. Sometimes I have made works including clients own toys or memorabilia where the items are suited formally to the particular construction in question .. I work relatively spontaneously / improvisationally within the given structure of an armature canvas or sheet of paper. The idea for the next piece often comes during the experimental making process or it will arrive in response to a particular material or object in the outside Toys are chosen carefully for their design shape and colour and their adaptability relative to the form in question. I hope the works can be of interest both to adults and children and hope that they can be both intriguing and amusing.
Robert Bradford September 2018.


The New Work/s
After leaving college/s I worked primarily with Painting and Film Making in England and the USA for several years ..This was then followed by a long excursion into a sculpture made primarily from recycled toys and /or upcycled materials ..and public fire sculptures for which I am best Known. Now I prefer to follow the Toy Series on commission.
In 2018 I decided to revert to 2D making Abstract Collages in 2019 and large and small Paintings on Canvas 2020 and to begin to represent my work... this project is ongoing. (During this time I did not seek to exhibit this new work).

Robert Bradford 2020

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