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I have always made art in one form or another. Growing up in Manchester, UK in the 1980’s my creative output was largely focussed on street art influenced by artists from New York and the music scene of that era. Just like street art culture my influences were a real melting pot of ideas. After working strictly in 2 dimensions for many years I started working in 3 dimensions in 2017. I found that through the tangibility and intimacy of objects I could better connect with my own experience whilst attempting to encapsulate some fundamental universal truths. Themes of transition, isolation, mythology, vulnerability that demonstrate an autobiographical journey of spiritual growth. I’m interested in storytelling, condensing all the influences and thoughts on a particular idea into a concise visual summary in the shape of an object. I use figurative aesthetics to convey ideas which can be quickly understood at a high level offering an accessible entry point into deeper reflections.

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