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Residing in Dallas Texas and working as a tattoo artist, my fascination with art has always taken precedence over almost all aspects of my life.  A self-taught artist from a young age, starting with crayons and moving into everything I could get my hands on from graffiti to oil painting, the latter really captivating my attention since. Studying philosophy and art history in college, I began to understand the true power of symbolic language in art. The art of the conversation in a long telephone game style of transmission and the subjective nature of those conversations, I truly believe that is the importance in my artwork.

Focusing, now more on the idea that all perception is subject to the observer’s judgement of any given thing, I try to converse through the impersonal imagery of everyday life warped into a view from the etheric realm of the conscious mind. Much like cloud watching through fun house mirrored glasses.

The images will remain to be, while the story is ever changing from eye to eye.

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