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Robyn Seabrook is a self-taught artist living in London. Her style and work consists of experimenting with painting and sketching, from landscapes to portraits. More recently she has been playing with the ideas of colour and motion to create vibrant abstract seascapes.


Growing up in Norwich, her love of art, history and general desire to learn was always encouraged, with continual visits to museums and galleries. She always knew her career path would centre around a love of art. Whilst studying Art History at Plymouth University, she worked hard and made the most of another passion, travelling; local visits round Cornwall and Devon, interrailing round Europe and jetting off to New York, exploring the art scene at each destination.


Once completing her studies, Robyn backpacked round South East Asia, taking a small sketchbook to fill with ideas, places and memories from her travels. During this trip, a newfound love for creating art was sparked after three years of studying art rather than physically making it. Despite an immediate draw to landscapes and skylines, Robyn began to experiment with mixed media and a return to portraiture, producing highly detailed small-scale sketches.


Upon returning to the UK, she moved to East London in December 2019. It had always been a dream to move to London, prior to which Robyn frequently visited to indulge in the bustling arts and cultural diversity present in the city. This change of scenery provided opportunities to explore and develop a new art style, partly into abstract and fluid artworks, showcasing a keen eye for colour.


Robyn is currently working on some exciting upcoming projects and is always open to new ideas.

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