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Rochelle Weber is an Abstract Expressionist artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. In 2004, having suffered some debilitating mental health issues, she was encouraged to paint as a form of therapy. She has never looked back and feels that feeding and maintaining her creativity is as important as breathing. Although having had a break for the past few years from pursuing her art career due to raising her children, Rochelle has never stopped painting for herself. Having had no formal training, she is a motivated, self-taught artist

  Rochelle uses mainly acrylic paint to convey attitudes and emotions through her gestural brush strokes. With bold use of color and movement, lines, shapes, and textures, Rochelle’s paintings are not intended to depict objects or living things. She instead, encourages the viewer towards self-analysis. ‘What does this work make you feel?’, rather than ‘What is it saying?’. Experimenting with an array of tools, brushes, and scrapers have resulted in a love of mark-making and gestural movement. 

For Rochelle, inspiration comes through the concise use of colour in all its facets – bold and bright, soft and subtle, and monochrome palettes. Using a largely intuitive creative process, her works are led by broad, instinctive movements. In the final stages of a painting, her focus is on editing and refining her use of colours and movement.

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