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My work begins as an innate effort to consider the realm of possibilities in the intuitive expression of one’s self through painting. Enlightened by my own path of self exploration, I set out to resolve the relationship between fear and liberation in the act of artistic expression. Rendered by the potential of aesthetics to be revealed when meaning, control and expertise are
released, my practice seeks to consciously create a space for meditation and awareness in the overwhelming pace of human banalities. This concern, combined with the study of strategic visual design, culminates in the resolution of the differences between the sensible and sensitive, and the ways in which we become these.

Through my artwork I speak of the multifaceted articulations one must harness to grow. Closely apprehended to insightful visions of our surroundings, I highlight the contrasting effect one might have when looking at an abstract object. Avidly scrutinizing existing exercises of self improvement through art, I re-examine the creative process to represent the undefinable and
instinctual calling of expression. In my paintings, abstract and figurative forms reveal the complexity of our intricate and convoluted psyche.

Interested in the evolving forces of one’s identity and coming of age, the chromatic insinuations I use are testaments to the pulling and pushing forces that represent an artist in a work. Blurring the boundaries of a technique and method, we understand the significance of light and color in a composition. It is important to me to channel subjective feelings into a practice of interpretation that recognizes one’s strengths and weaknesses, powers and
insecurities; one’s mindfulness and subconscious. Alluding to the omission of the multidisciplinary in my work, I deliberately stimulate a single order that results in a heightened sense and recognition of one’s own spirituality and desire.

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