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Not one to put herself in the limelight, Rora prefers to express herself through her artworks.

Rora has always been artsy but she has never had any formal art lessons or training.

It’s while recovering from a very difficult time in her life that Rora dared to pick up a brush and discovered the healing power of painting in 2016. Although she was going through a very dark time, Rora’s paintings have always been very bright and colorful.

Her favorite medium is acrylic on canvas but she is in a continuous learning process and likes to experiment with new techniques and mediums.

With the gloomy weather and the stress of everyday life, Rora’s art inspiration and production hibernate during winter, starts brewing up during spring and storms out as soon as summer arrives.

Rora is interested in movement and lets music and colors guide her through her creative process.

In April 2020, Rora was featured along with 26 other artists in the first edition of the online art and music festival: The 7 Arts Still Exist.

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