Rosario Galatioto, son of Sicilian parents who made their home in Gordes, Provence in the late fifties, was born in 1969 in the now popular region called the Luberon. His father, the builder, arrived first and his mother ten years later.

During a school outing at the Vasarely museum in the castle of  Gordes, Provence, at the age of eight, the vocation to be a painter took root, the dream is « to have one's own castle later on ».

So he started using water-color, felt-tips, and colored crayons.

At fourteen years old, he discovered the work of the French painter Jean Deyrolle and participated in the Canadian painter Jack Pollock's workshop in his hometown of Gordes, using his first easel, painting figuratively and mounting exhibitions.

He met the French artist Yvon Preval with whom he developed a privileged relationship and from whom he learned much. Failing the entrance exam to the Avignon Fine Art's School he did not give up, although he gave in to accepting the self-taught approach, studying the work of Corot in Paris(1986), Turner in London(1987) and contemporary artists such as Eugène Leroy and the well-known Marseille artist « Gérard Traquandi »

In 1989 he realized what he called 'a big Italian trip' which took him from his home in Gordes to Turin, Milan, and Genoa, on a 'mobylette' or renowned make of scooter of the era known as « Motobecane »

He was delighted by the museums that he visited and deeply moved by the Chartreuse de Pavie which effected him profoudly. A number of years later in the year 2000, the powerful works of Paul Rebeyrolle revealed at the Fondation Maeght in the famous village of St.Paul de Vence impressed him deeply, an expression of complete revolt against injustice. This had such an effect on him that he was incapable of painting for eighteen months until his encounter and marriage with Laurence in 2001.

What inspired him the most in both the French painters André Lhote and Jean Deyrolle's work, to whom he identified somewhat, is that they showed a real « entry into painting » as an « entry into religion ». He took part in various personal or collective exhibitions from 1987 onwards in Gordes in Switzerland, Belgium, London, and Tokyo.

Rosario Galatioto followed a linear path, looking especially for the « right material », with regards to shape, figurative or abstract nature. He created « In Recollection », a somber piece, often working in his studio in the evenings and during his holidays in the Champagne region.

He experimented technically with different materials until 2007 and from 2012 onwards added the technique of 'collage-décollage'

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