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Born in Peru, Rowena has made her home in the USA since 2004. She is a poet and a published writer. For more than a decade she worked as a paramedic in Fairfax, VA because she values life and the wellbeing of her community.

She felt a calling to art that had been since her youth in Peru, and now she captures that creativity in her paintings. Though Rowena does not conform her art to one medium, her artistic style is abstract, magical surrealism, contemporary.

The artist pushes the limits of her techniques with each painting as she explores the world around her for inspiration. She is captivated by the natural world and animals, also suffers when pondering over the current state of environmental destruction.

Her stunning pieces, with the use of different acrylic media, mate, metallic and fluorescent paints, light up the spaces they're in. The texture that she creates in every stretched canvas, wood panel, panel canvas, etc. is done with mixed media as binders, glues, coffee, sand, even feathers and a real bird nest.


Hi, I am Rowena and was the black sheep of a Peruvian family. I was born in 1956, went to all the right schools and I can tell it was a beautiful era. I remember fondly spending vacations with my eighty one first cousins (my father had 19 siblings) at the family hacienda (large agricultural state), where we used to ride horses through the hills, playing cops and robbers, and hide-and-seek in the corn and cotton field. We were convinced of the ghosts that lived in the ancient cemetery where they used to dance without their heads around a campfire every full moon; of the mystical 'Chalan' that used to ride at night through the path along the entrance to the Main House with his horse not touching the ground and other spooky stories.

I used to wake up at night with a sensation that somebody was dictating phrases in my head and I had to grab a pen and write it anywhere. Sometimes this ghost came to my mind while I was in the shower and I even took my brow cosmetic pencil to write with it in the mirror of the bathroom. That is how I started writing poetry since I was 12 years old.

My poetry is rebellious, abstract and magical, much as my story books are and  I apply it to my paintings. I have been published in Peru, Spain, Argentina and Mexico; but about 15 years ago I started trying to paint the images in my dreams, with the same ghosts that keep on dictating to me, now they are making me see the colors flowing through my eyes and I try to interpret them as well as I can. I paint what I really feel, I am not able to create based on other's preferences.

I created my website two years ago to be able to share my paintings with the world, because I think that art is for sharing, as all our magnificent painters shared their art throughout the centuries, even since the age of the men who lived in caves...

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