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-Superior in Design and Illustration at the School of Art -Technical Murcia.
-Graduate In Fine Art at the University of Murcia.
My mission as an artist is to stimulate and enliven the senses. I always try to raise awareness through my work in what I believe is a largely lethargic society. I use images as bait to attract the viewer’s attention, inviting discussion questions and answers. Once the observer has taken the bait, much, of my task is done and the observer is compelled to respond.

I like the idea of referring to my latest series as “Portraits before birth”. A hinted human figure always predominates, most of the time in uncomfortable, dramatic, expectant poses, making the viewer responsible and participate in that moment. I find the silences, the unfinished lines and strokes interesting. It is indispensable for me that it is the viewer who completes the work.

I see art primarily as a form of expression, a need just like breathing or feeding. A tool that allows me to turn thoughts into illustrations. I try to create images that attract the viewer’s attention, suggesting an idea that may be the seed of a judgment or verdict by the observer. My works are open speeches, and this is an interesting point, is complicated that two subjects can give a similar opinion on what they see and there is no one conclusion is more valid than the other.

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