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I am a Romanian visual explorer involved in the perpetual experiment with image, representation, form, and context.

In my process, I use different means of expression, from painting, collage, objects, happenings, magazines, posters, movies and texts.

I relate to all mediums in an interconnected way, breaking the barrier between different environmental forms of art. For me, it is not a question of "what" I represent, but rather "what media I use to best convey my idea." I see the process as the new product, so I become a set designer, modeling my own contexts.

My main focus is identity, autobiography, history in an anthropological sense, and the exploration of the unconscious.

I make art because I do not consider reality to be sufficient for the complexity of human endeavors. I make art because it's the only thing that makes me feel myself. I make art as a means of discovering the world from inside out.

My art is a way of self-discovery, implosion & intimate mystique. More in the matter of an alchemical metamorphosis. Sometimes, I manage to put everything in order, and the Cosmos is complete.

Other times, everything goes further more into an enigmatic tunnel & the content gets blurred. Unconscious emergence...

My art explores the energy & the solid. Is like when you are a child playing with a sharp knife, believing is a toy. Yes... my art does that... A lot more happens in the mind than outside the mind. The mind controls everything. It's between these intimate coordinates: inside / outside, that the man is most conscious of himself. Mirroring the 'hidden' has been my exercise of freedom so far.

Time & form will decide if I shall be remembered for something or not.

Art is a basic human process. It defines the human species. Thus so... Art becomes Anthropology.

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