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Moving from my home country to Norway helped me to realize my true purpose in this life. I was surrounded by a series of events that helped me to connect with a deeper part of my soul that I knew I wanted to grow into.

I was compelled to create these acrylic paintings showcasing the subject that’s the dearest to my heart.


Flowers have always brought a lot of joy in my life. When I look at them I get an overflow of that pure, indescribable, childish happiness and can’t stop to wonder how do we have such beauty growing all around us.

Flowers don’t stop to amaze me even for a moment, they are like stars on earth - no two are exactly the same and each one is so unique in colors.


I strongly believe that colors can change the way we feel, therefore my mission is to bring positive emotions to a viewer by transferring my personal joy and happiness through the bright, juicy colors on the canvas.


My paintings have a visible texture to them, which is attained by using a regular painting brush and a special technique which is not that common among other artists.

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