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Ruth Egon (b.1984, Walsall, UK) was first inspired by art at a very young age, when she saw Vincent van Gogh ‘Cafe Terrace at Night’. Here is where her fascination of how art can transport you to another place started.
She studied A Level Art and Foundation Degree at Walsall College, and went onto
Winchester School of Art to earn a degree in Textile Design (print), graduating in 2008. First exhibiting at Walsall Art Gallery, at the young age of 19, Ruth went on to show her work at Islington Art and Design Fair, Inverness Museum and Gallery, and Inchmore Gallery, as well as holding multiple textile exhibits in Paris.
Uplifting and inspiring people through her bold colour palette, Ruth Egon creates artwork that is atmospheric, has a spontaneous and vivid energy, and captures an expressive state. Taking reference from abstract artists such as Morris Louis, Miro and Mark Rothko, with the quirky nature of Anime, she is fascinated by natural beauty and the human experience.