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Ruth Golmant works in many art mediums. Encaustic paint is hot wax mixed with colored pigment. The best thing about painting with wax is that it never dries, it just hardens. It can become malleable again through the application of heat. One may layer, embed, impress, layer, fuse, emboss, carve, layer, fuse, shave, build, layer, fuse, stencil, draw, scrape, and fuse. Ruth is an artist of texture, color, movement, and mood.  The one thing all of her designs have in common is an intense color, actual and implied texture, and contrast.  Ruth has rarely met an art material she hasn't loved. As a result, she often combines materials in paintings and collages, pairing similar and disparate elements into a whole. Working with paint, paper, and numerous drawing materials she creates artistic statements of complexity and variety. Because her paintings are sometimes messy and active, she expects her viewers to come into it ready to play and experiment.  She shares her inner experiences in the hope that viewers will respond. For Ruth, the unplanned or accidental is welcomed because therein lies the possibility of the discovery of something new.


Ruth is married and has two children in their 20's. At the present time, when not making art Ruth is a volunteer in her synagogue and is engaged in multicultural bridge-building. She lives in Stafford, Virginia which is a suburb of Washington, DC. Ruth earned her BA in Studio Art at Mills College in Oakland, CA. She went on to get her MA in Art Therapy from George Washington University. She also earned a certificate in Digital Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Division.

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