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Saba is an emerging artist from Jordan. With an eye for details and a passionate curiosity, she has grown a thirst for exploring the mysteries of the world around and the vast interpretations life offers its living beings. Her journey has exposed her to different cultures where each corner, each human, and each space has a story to
tell. As an artist and a writer, such stories hold a small part of the bigger picture and that is when her creativity drive has been triggered to go deeper and wider to express her thoughts unapologetically.

Her artwork is filled with bright colors and uneven shapes that aim at grapping the viewers’ attention and asking them to take a minute to appreciate both sides of the stories without any prejudice. Be it a random brush stroke or uneven lines or unmatched color themes, life as a whole is made of random entities that have their own voice but combined they make up an exceptional contrast that gives our existence the power to come alive.

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