Saba Safari, having originally trained in Graphic Design, subsequently began to work as an illustrator for kids-fiction books. After that, Saba began to work as a sculptor with earthenware, wood. She was also creating puppets for short motion movies, at the same time as painting in abstract expressionism. As time passed, she became more obsessed with abstract painting of Iranian women in their daily lives. This is her main consideration as a young artist living in Iran. She now works from her home studio in Alborz Providence as an independent artist.

Art exhibitions

-Group exhibition "smalls tableau" in Aria Gallery /Tehran/Iran/2010
-Solo exhibition " Roam" in Tehran gallery /Tehran/Iran/2012
-Group exhibition "underground " in Independent printers gallery /Tehran/Iran/2013
-Solo exhibition "characters" in Azad University of Tehran/2015

-Bachelor degree in graphic design in Azad University of Tehran


-Illustrating of child's book
-Making pottery mugs and decorating palates
-Making figurative sculpture
-Making puppets for stop motion (short-movie)
-Graphics Designs for magazines

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