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Born in Hamburg, Germany, I’m now living in Luxemburg for about twenty years. I always loved paintings as well as to paint, but this passion has been in the background while I have studied, worked as an engineer and later on raised my three children.

After many years I started painting again and quickly rediscovered my love and passion for it. But it was not until some life-changing events in 2017 and 2018, that I decided to take my art more professional and make a career out of it. Now, I’m in a new phase of my life: an art-life. 

In the beginning, I worked realistically, but over the years I learned that in abstract art I can better express myself and today more or less all my works are abstract paintings. While painting I’m building the oil colors in several layers with a color palette ranging from soft and serene to vibrant and invigorating. My inspiration I draw mostly from nature and its many different colors.

For me, abstract painting means that my inspiration is translated to the canvas to create a story that communicates without talking. I invite the viewer to a visual journey, which allows her/him to slow down and find time to understand emotions and forget our busy world for a while. The imagination of every spectator should make the painting complete. It allows personal and unique interpretations.

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