My name is Sadia Ayazi and I am an abstract artist based in London, UK. From securing a scholarship to graduating from a London university with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Development, I was en route to start my life of full time work. Whilst looking to apply for different positions, I rediscovered my love of art, and the process of creating something emotive, thought provoking, and beautiful. As I am an empath, my art allows me to explore my desire to create paintings as an avenue to work through my emotions.


Art for me is a personal experience and the art I create is a visual representation of what is going on around me. This could be influenced through my interpersonal experiences or external factors such as different cultures and traditions, global politics and the state of the world we live in today. However, the art I create is intended to bring out the inner thoughts of the viewer and this provides depth and meaning which is personal to the observer. This is done through the use of colour choice, creating layers and texture in my paintings and tonal variations.  


The main aims of my artwork are to spark conversation and add an element of interest to interiors, whether it’s a home, office, gallery or any other indoor space. Subsequently, I offer original paintings as well as commissioned pieces to fit the space where the painting will be showcased.

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