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Hi, my name is Saqab Ahmad I am based in Manchester North West England. I enjoy making art in a number of mediums and love exploring different subjects. My early work included lots of pastel drawings mostly from my imagination. I like bold and bright colours and you can find that is a common factor in a lot of my work.


 In recent years I have been making collages based on items I find interesting in magazines and papers. This is then put into shape and organized in my own particular way to form a unique collage. I also enjoy painting in acrylic paint. I love to make trees in my own image, and people who are often faceless representing their souls. 


Poetry is another creativity of mine and I can often come up with them on the spot on the various subject which interest me. 

I have had my work up in galleries over the years mainly in the North West. I usually enter the Bury Art Festival each year since I first started entering and my work Is a regular feature in the yearly Bury Art Festival. 


I love to show the online world what I have created whether I find it good or bad. Sometimes even I don't know what my best work is. 

As long as people see it I will create.

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