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I mostly work in the mediums of ink, paint and charcoal. I am interested in the poignancy of everyday intimacy; that today is not like any other day.

I am stimulated by the contrasts between the sublime and the humble; the
surreal and automatic expression. I work from within the beautiful and the ugly and attempt to paint the unsayable using language that is not words.

I am trying to contain and capture the tensions and struggles, the energies and potentials that are around us, while celebrating the porosity that exists between opposites.

This is the space I attempt to access, in all its peace and power and surprise
I live in Sheffield England where I have had several solo exhibitions and
collaborations with other artists. I have also exhibited in Oporto and Norway.

I have created artwork to accompany Dr Rachel Genn’s published writings and have also created a stop frame animation entitled ‘The Cat’s Mother’. For this I created the sets, characters, and story and filmed and edited both a digital camera and super 8 film. This was shown in the ‘Pop up’ film festival in Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.

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