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Sam is an emerging artist specializing in abstract paintings that explore the sublime elements of the natural world through an ambiguous lens. Based in Cheltenham, UK, she experiments with a range of mediums, tools, and techniques – including acrylic, oil pastels, watercolor, and palette knives.

Working without the desired outcome in mind, her paintings are always free to form. This allows her to capture the mood and surrounding environment with bold brushstrokes, experimental color blends, and generous textures. The soundtrack to the process is often reggae or punk, leading her brush or tool to move at different speeds and pressures on the canvas.

Art has proven to be a healing practice for Sam, allowing her to express her emotions and reach a meditative state of mind. After having to leave her role as a carer for vulnerable people, she was able to discover her own creativity in a variety of forms. As a fan of bold, unique jewelry and inspired by her mother’s own creations, she tried her hand at making her own statement earrings, necklaces, headdresses, and wire crystal trees. Encouraged by her friends, partner, and family, Sam then began to paint with acrylics on canvas paper to discover her preferred style and techniques. Since progressing on to the canvas, she has recently taken steps to share her beautiful work online and plans to continue evolving her identity as an artist.

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