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My name is Samaneh Riazati, I am 34 years old and juggle being a wife with owning a successful beauty salon and painting in my spare time.

I graduated in Tourism Management at the University of Tehran.

I have participated in short courses in painting art and after that, I start to make my art by myself.

All the subjects in my art are from my mind and purely sensory. This year I decided to share my art with some galleries and some art fairs. I have participated in various art galleries in Tehran and one in France:


Entezami Art Gallery June 2019

Ehsan Art Gallery 10 July 2019

Ehsan Art Gallery 17 July 2019

Musee de Peintur de Saint Farjou the 

5th salon international art resilience on 10 August 2019


I work with watercolors, acrylic and oil colors, also I work on wood and glass and with mirrors as well. Most recently I worked mixed media style which I call 'Zahhak' (the legend in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh ) and that comes with acrylic and yarn.

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