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Samson Tonton is a fine art, sketch, and computer animator. He has a degree in computer animation, but his first love is painting and drawing. 

My statement:

I hate to just paint I love to be inspired I love to go so deep that I lost myself in painting. For me, it isn’t just a canvas or a blank of paper, or wood it is beyond that. I paint to inspire, I paint to give joy, to help to take away the negative thought. I am an artist and all I want is to make a mark in my generation.


Samson Tonton

I was born and rise in Haiti; I am the fifth child of seven children. We were rise by a single mother; Marie G. Tonton who came here for a better life in 1998. She managed to bring us to America.

I came to the USA in 2007 I was like 26 years old and all I wanted to do was to draw and to paint. To be honest, I wanted to study fine art unfortunately when I came here, I didn’t have the patience to wait and understand the system, so in June 2008, I went to college at the New England Institute of Art in Boston MA to studied fine art, little that I know I was in the wrong major, but I was so stubborn when I found out about it I didn’t quit so I managed to finish it, it is Media Art and Animation don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic major but it isn’t for me I couldn’t stand staying in front a computer for hours and hours. However, I can spend months working on a painting. I speak English, French, and Haitian Creole fluently. I am a married man with two daughters Eude and Skylha Tonton. I am a strong believer in God.

Now I live in Norwich Connecticut a very quiet area, I have been there for almost 10 years I have to say that I love it here. 

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