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Ever since he was capable of holding a pencil, Samuel has been wowing friends and family alike with his artistic capacity. Notable achievements include second place in the Reflections Art Contest at Islander Middle School, as well as winning a high school Emerging Artists contest, which allowed him to purchase the easel he still uses to this day.


He graduated from Whitman College in 2010 with a B.A. in Fine Art and a minor in Biochemistry, brimming with energy ready to tackle major world issues via the emerging green energy industry. Unfortunately, the economy had recently crashed, so nobody was willing to hire him for anything other than what basically amounted to menial labor.


Unwilling to compromise his newfound freedom and hard-built capacities, Samuel decided to depend on his own skills, turning to freelance art and design, eventually joining forces with a friend to build a multimedia production company. They sold custom design projects such as posters, logos, videos, animations, musical scores, and the like.


Along the way, he helped a small team organize what was at the time the world’s largest snowball fight. Samuel led and developed all design work. It was as a part of this that he was awarded a Guinness World Record.


After a while, he ran out of all his money, found a job at Domino’s as a delivery driver, made a ton of money, but then finally and serendipitously found a real job Greater Good. There, he made a ton of videos and eventually realized he needed to leave Seattle for new challenges. It was 2016.


New York City called, he had been accepted to NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, The Center for the Recently Possible. All sorts of technologies to learn and play with. Samuel packed his things into his 1997 Toyota Camry gifted to him by his late grandmother, and drove in a giant “U” around the country. Visiting friends and national parks along the way, he passed through Portland, the giant Sequoias, San Francisco, the Salinas Valley, Monterrey, Yosemite, L.A., Joshua Tree, Lincoln National Park, Big Bend National Park, Austin, New Orleans, Asheville, Johnson City, Shenandoah National Park, and finally Washington D.C.


Now, Samuel is busy working to translate photographs from this trip into stunning artwork. As well as developing fun, and oftentimes wild pieces. A painter of nature, Samuel brings energy and vibrancy to his romantic and impressionist and wild landscapes, at once straddling such different styles as Dali’s wild realities, Monet’s color and Van Gogh’s abstract brushwork, additionally inspired by modern street art styles when he needs a mental break.


Samuel works primarily with oils and acrylics, on canvas and wood. And he hopes to showcase the beauty of the natural world, convey wonder through imaginative imagery, and to have a general enough positive impact that helps the world become a better place.


With plenty of work ranging from clearly figurative to wildly abstract, there will always be something you can find that brings you joy in Samuel’s growing catalog.


You can find him on the weekends somewhere in the 5 boroughs with his art set up, willing to speak at length about any piece with an interested passer by.


Winner - 2nd place, Reflections Art Contest, Islander Middle School. 2003


Winner - Emerging Artists Award for High Schoolers, 2006


Awarded - World’s Largest Snowball Fight, Guinness World Records, Seattle, 2013

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