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The inspiration for the majority of my artwork is ‘Synaesthesia'. This is a neurological trait that results in the merging of senses that are not normally connected; for example, someone who hears colour or sees sound.
My most recent work relates to this through the layering and hints of colour, giving the viewer a sense of visual rythym through composition.
Producing Art has always been my passion and my love of the subject is deeply rooted in Philosophy; taking the idea that things can be questioned visually, rather than through a verbal or written language.
In 2015 I obtained a Diploma in General Art and Design at West Suffolk College. I then went on to study a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts, Canterbury. Returning in 2018/19 to recieve a Masters Degree.
From 2016 to 2018 I also worked as a Freelance Illustrator, resulting in a published children's book called ‘The Phenomenal Snowman' by Kevin Bullock.
Over the years my artwork has focused on creating Installations and Sculptures derived from the concept of Formlessness, Abjection and Alchemy. However, more recently my work has evolved into something new and exciting through experimentation with digital media.

Awards / Qualifications.

(BA) Fine Art – University of Creative Arts, Canterbury.
(MA) Fine Art – University of Creative Arts, Canterbury.
Published Illustrator for ‘The Phenomenal Snowman’.

Past Events.

2017 – Herne Bay, Beach Creative, Structured Chaos Exhibition.
2018 – Canterbury, Various Public Venues, Follow Blue Exhibition.
2019 – Folkestone, Hop Project Space, MA Interim Show.
2019 – Canterbury, University of Creative Arts, MA Degree Show.

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