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I am based in Waikato, New Zealand. I have been drawing and painting to varying degrees all my life. As a mother of four, a grandmother of four, and a full-time teacher at a small country school, it was a struggled to find time for art. Over the previous few years, I have found more time to focus on my art and use my beautiful natural environment as my muse.

My first exhibition was in 2019 with several other artists at The Welcome Swallow Gallery. In that exhibition, I received the Volunteer’s Choice Award. My second exhibition was The Watercolourists in 2020, also at the Welcome Swallow Gallery. The exhibition focused on our local region, the Waikato, and watercolor. At the time of this exhibition, I became a founding member of the Waikato Watercolourist Society which is based at the Welcome Swallow Gallery.

Creating art is simultaneously exhilarating and relaxing, challenging, and rewarding. With more time over the last few years, my passion for art has become an addiction: while I am working on one painting, I am thinking about the next... 

“The power of art is unmatched. Beautiful and powerful: the meaning only to be perceived by the viewer.”

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