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I was born in Schleswig-Holstein in the North of Germany, 1970 in the small but
charming town named Rendsburg between two oceans.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so I successfully studied business administration. I am working in a real estate company. This field of work also incorporate the mediation skills I have accuired through professional training.

I found my passion and love for art very early. I used to draw and paint whenever I
could. I started painting with oil on canvas 25 years ago. I was inspired by artists like Claude Monet and Pierre - Auguste Renoir. Among others I studied under the artist Lothar Schulz-Goldap, which was a former student of the well known artist named Professor Fritz Mackensen. I sold my paintings in galleries in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. I have been living with my family in Hamburg for 24 years now.

While my two kids were little, I used to paint all the way up until late nighttime.
Nowadays I am able to paint at more civilised hours of the day, but I still prefer the
quiet nighttimes.

Creating a new painting always is a new adventure for me. Its an exciting journey
every time i partake in it and you never know exactly, where you might end up. It can
be wonderfully meditative. You sink into the painting and forget the world around you,
but sometimes it can also be a little bit nerve wracking, when things don´t go the way
you want them to go, but the painting has a mind of its own. In the end it is so
overwhelming, when I am satisfied and then the painting is finished.

I hope that my creative outlet in the form of painting can positivly impact the
observant by providing a sense of belonging and calmness . In order to create I am
inspired by the thing that always surrounds us, nature, therefor I mostly use colours
found in natural habitats. In addition to my love for nature I would also describe
myself as a kind and optimistic soul that always finds the bright side of our strange

I found my purpose in painting and I want to keep on creating moments that allow for
the appreciation of beauty. The thing that I find to be the most stunning in the realm
of natural phenomena is the ocean and the crash of a wave against the hard surface
of our fragile world.

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