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I am a Greek primarily self –taught artist from Thessaloniki city who is constantly
experimenting with her style and techniques. What characterizes my paintings is that they are all expressing my feelings and emotions of a particular moment in a world that I have been always perceiving it through my vivid imagination. When I start an artwork I don’t know where exactly the paint will take me. I don’t have a fixed plan in my mind and usually not even the whole picture of it. I just let go of myself to express intuitively my even subconscious feelings and thoughts. The impact of my studies in Psychology holds in my paintings a great part as well regarding my inspiration.

Since I was able as a little kid to grab a pen and a brush, I discovered the magic world of painting. During high school I took a one year course in a private art studio. For some reason, I dropped my passion and went for Psychology studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and afterwards I got my MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology in UK. I worked for many years in the private health sector, but I felt stagnated and dissatisfied. Quite recently my passion for painting emerged again profoundly and erased everything in my former career path. I took only some summer seminars in a private art studio and I have the trill to continue attending drawing and painting art courses and indulge in the world of art.

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