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Sandy Leslie, a self-taught artist, was born in 1971 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she has lived most of her life. She took a BSc in Business Administration in Bath, England, as she believed it would be a useful and practical experience, especially for working in the family business which dealt in the ceramics industry. A dutiful daughter, wife and mother (presently of two fresh adults and a 4-year-old), Sandy always dreamed of a closer relationship with the arts, namely musical and visual, but for decades it did not progress beyond that. The longing, however, never subsided and instead subconsciously gained gravitas through divorce, jobs in tourism and finance (still her profession today), late motherhood and an intricate love life worthy of a book, or “novela”, at least. In March of this year, she found herself, like millions of others, confined at home. Determined to keep her youngest happy, fulfilled and most of all busy, she set up a creative table in the living room, with paints, crayons, paintbrushes, etc. After a few weeks, a wee bit fed up of clearing away the table from the living room most evenings, she just left it, and started to wonder to herself, why don’t I leave it all here and maybe have a bit of colourful fun too? From the first acrylic painting of a vase with flowers on canvas she was hooked and never looked back, immediately investing in paints and materials of the grown-up kind. The desire to learn, create and improve her art took over her life, and the feeling that every single experience led her to where she is today filled her with great comfort as well as excitement.

Sandy’s work is mainly abstract with occasional floral references, the process very intuitive and the result colourful, expressive, emotional and contemporary. She has started dabbling in figurative art and intends to further pursue this in an abstract manner as well. The interest in Sandy’s pieces has been growing steadily and this encouraged emerging artist is set to leave her mark in the art world and to continue creating as honestly as possible.

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