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I am Sanjeewani Wijewardhane. A Sri Lankan born self-taught artist who holds a 1st class Management Degree obtained from a Sri Lankan university in 2015.  Even though my passion for arts started in 2010, I have shown my creative abilities since childhood.

I’m passionate about realistic arts that can draw using pencils. Black and white don’t produce a wider range of colors but I was amazed to see how much life these two colors can bring in realistic pencil arts. That led me to start practicing by drawing celebrity portraits using a single pencil. With time I discovered the basic tools needed to make a pencil artwork to a realistic artwork and carried my drawings for further 3 more years. In 2015 I got an opportunity to extend my abilities further with drawing wildlife arts. I was invited to participate in a wildlife art exhibition held in Singapore where I won the Best Emerging Artist award for one of my drawings. It was the first time I drew wildlife arts and I was really happy to win that award.

I continued my drawings while I was working as a Student Counselor for an Australian Education company in Sri Lanka. It was hard for me to find time for the arts due to my responsibilities during my career.

However, after migrating to the United Kingdom, to join my husband,  I decided to expand my artistic skills and draw celebrity portraits, pictures views that I capture during my travels in the UK, and maybe in Europe in the future.  My next artistic goal is to try out color drawings while I grow my expertise in realistic pencil arts.

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